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A2 Testing

Milk protein is made up of 80% casein proteins and 20% whey proteins. A1 β-casein is the most common type found in cow’s milk, but some cows produce A2 β-casein milk protein.

A2 milk, exclusively containing the A2 protein is priced higher than normal (A1) milk in NZ. About 30% of NZ dairy animals are estimated to contain the A2 gene, and about 70% the A1 gene. 

The A2 Corporation in NZ claims that when people experience discomfort drinking ordinary cows’ milk, they may experience relief when they switch to a2 Milk®.*

A1/A2 Genes

The A2 gene determines whether A1 or A2 protein is produced in cow’s milk.

  • Every animal has two copies of the gene
  • A2/A2 animals produce A2 milk with the A2 variant of Beta Casein protein
  • A1/A1 animals produce A1 milk with the A1 variant of Beta Casein protein
  • A1/A2 animals produce a mixture

How is A2 inherited?

Each animal receives one copy of the gene from its sire and the other from its dam.

  • An A2/A2 sire (or dam) will always give one copy of A2 to its progeny
  • An A1/A1 sire (or dam) will always give one copy of A1 to its progeny
  • An A1/A2 sire (or dam) can give either A1 or A2 to its progeny

Testing for the A2 Gene

Testing for the A2 gene can be done via a tissue sample only.

Phone GeneMark on 0800 436 362 for a request form.

See the GeneMark DNA Sampling Equipment page to order the GeneMark Applicator Gun & the Tissue Sampling punches.

All samples submitted must have a submission form to accompany them.

* LIC does not endorse any claims related to A2 milk.

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