LIC | 1998/1999 Dairy Stats

1998/1999 New Zealand Dairy Statistics

1. Introduction (pdf 26kb)

2. National dairy statistics (pdf 154kb)

A. Industry statistics
i) Production
ii) Population
B. Farm production statistics
i) Production per cow
ii) Herd size distribution

3. Regional dairy statistics (pdf 74kb)

4. Herd improvement (pdf 193kb)


A. Use of herd testing
B. Herd test averages
i) Season averages
ii) Monthly averages
iii) Breed averages
C. Artificial breeding statistics
D. Animal evaluation


5. General statistics (pdf 120kb)


A. Prices received by dairy farmers
i) Milksolids
ii) Dairy farm land sale values
B. Breed breakdown
C. Median calving and planned start of calving dates
D. Operating structures


6. Disease control (pdf 53kb)


A. Enzootic Bovine Leucosis (EBL) control programme 4
B. Tuberculosis (Tb) control
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