Joan Barendsen


Bachelor of Science – Agricultural Science

In-Calf Advisor

Certified BCS Assessor

Rural Manager Accreditation

Industry Experience

I have more than 18 years of rural sector experience and success, and am proven in operations management, rural consulting, banking, extension, and dairy farming.

About Joan

I bring 18+ years of rural sector experience including eight years of success leading several extensive farm operations in corporate farming. I was born and bred on a dairy farm and my passion for the rural sector has seen me become a highly experienced, passionate, and innovative farm consultant with a keen interest in farm systems analysis, coupling the feed, financial and environmental challenges.

My strengths lie in farm businesses and systems, farm productivity, animal husbandry and welfare, financial and environmental analysis and best practice which means I can provide you with guidance in all areas of farm business management including:

  • Improvement of both performance and sustainability of farming operations
  • Feed budgeting and rotation planners
  • Record and animal management
  • Day-to-day farm management advice and farm supervision
  • Financial budgeting, monitoring and business planning
  • Health and safety leadership expertise
  • Environmental compliance
  • Team development - in providing technical training and knowledge for farm teams
  • Human resource support

I provide you with a professional, genuine, tailored farm consulting service with a strong focus on optimising your farm system for productivity, profitability, and environmental outcomes.

Get in touch if you want advice about how to get the most out of your farm

Joan Barendsen