Biosecurity measures for AB

We’ve been visiting farms throughout the country to check AB facilities and make sure on-farm biosecurity measures are in place.

Biosecurity has always been critical to our co-operative and we are confident the robust procedures we have in place for our staff and equipment will effectively manage any risk of disease transmission. 

Check out the key biosecurity measures our AB techs follow when visiting farms.

1. Footbath - we use a farm’s footbath, or our own, to clean our boots when we arrive on-farm and before we leave. 

AB tech bootwash

2. Entry/exit sign – we enter your shed/facilities through a signed entry point.

Entry exit point
It’s important farms have a signed entry/exit point so all visitors enter the same way and have a safe walking path through your shed/facilities.

3. Gloves - our gloves cover the shoulder and upper chest area and are worn by AB techs while they’re inseminating cows so they have minimal exposure to the animal.  

AB tech gloves

4. Plastic sheaths - the inseminator is covered by a single-use disposable sheath so it doesn’t touch the cow. The sheaths are changed between every animal.

Pastic sheaths 1

Pastic sheaths 2

5. Isopropyl wipes - the inseminator is also wiped down with an isopropyl wipe between farms.

Isopropyl wipes