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There’s always room for improvement

Here at LIC, we’re always working on how we can help farmers make small improvements day in and day out. And we are always striving to do better in everything we do - just like you are. Together we can deliver improvement on farm better than ever before. 

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Always Improving

We all have our improvement stories to tell. NZ farms are built on constant improvement. By sharing these stories, big or small, we want to inspire and encourage you to keep us all heading in the right direction.

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Teaching some big lessons

The demonstration farm that’s teaching some big lessons. Having the right systems in place is helping Owl Farm share their improvements with New Zealand’s farmers.

What lessons can you gain

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Finding clarity in Otorohanga

Information is proving to be the Connolly’s biggest tool for herd improvement.

Read more to find out how

Wairarapa Moana - walk

Wairarapa Moana – A herd improvement journey

Over the last 5 years Wairarapa Moana have worked together with LIC to improve their herd records, in-calf rates and bottom line.

Learn more about Wairarapa Moana.

Improvements of the month

Misty Eyed

All eyes are on our Jersey bull, 314052 Misty, who leapt to the top of February’s RAS List. Unsurprisingly, we expect to see farmers using Misty for both his production traits and size.

Improvements on the go

Recently we’ve been busy improving the MINDA LIVE skills of over 400 customers with training in 30 locations around NZ. Many thanks for coming along. 

Malcolm Ellis
Ready to milk A2

A2MC’s new relationship with Fonterra is massive news – according to Malcolm Ellis, LIC General Manger NZ Markets. We have a liquid team of A2A2 bulls ready to meet the demand this year.

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What pushes your buttons?

We have an open forum for you to share your ideas and feedback about our technology products. It’s your opportunity to tell us what works for you. Join in because your opinion counts.