1 March 2015

Welcome to LIC

As a farmer owned co-operative, it's our vision to improve the prosperity and productivity of our farmers.

Our strategy, Toward 2025 presents our goal to deliver service and solutions to our farmers to enable LIC to be a $1 billion revenue co-operative by 2025. In reaching Toward 2025, LIC will empower farmers with the genetics and information needed to produce superior livestock, information to improve livestock performance, and the hardware and systems that will improve on farm productivity and decision making.  

Internationally, LIC will focus on growth in key markets adding value to our shareholders.

While we present a proud history of world and industry leading innovations in dairy genetics, farm information systems, herd testing, DNA technology and automation, the world does not stand still.

Our challenge is to develop innovative solutions to ensure that our farmers continue to enjoy a competitive edge.

It’s a challenge on which we thrive.

Latest News

  • Dry Summer Management - by Darren Sutton, Waikato FarmWise consultant

    Ideally the best time to move to OAD is before a feeding pinch as cows can drop further than the typical 10% when done in December or early January.... feeding levels should not be dropped when going onto OAD, but should actually be lifted for the first week to reduce the production drop. - FarmWise consultant Darren Sutton dispenses timely advice.

  • Economic value update and liveweight changes: February 14-16

    Changes to liveweight breeding values, breeding worth (BW), production worth (PW) and lactation worth (LW) have been implemented following the animal evaluation update on 14 February 2015. Read the latest news from DairyNZ and how these changes will affect your herd.

  • Half year performance better than expected for farmer co-op

    In the six months to 30 November 2014, LIC achieved revenue of $159 million, 17.7% higher than the same period last year.

  • LIC team to visit Southland farms

    More than 140 LIC staff, most of them Farm Solutions Managers from around the country, will descend on Southland next week, as the farmer-owned cooperative holds its annual sales conference in one of the dairying strongholds of New Zealand.

  • LIC forms strategic partnership with SCR world-leading cow intelligence provider

    LIC and SCR have identified four initial markets for distribution of the DAL meters, with the potential to add more in the future. SCR flagship product Heatime will be available to all New Zealand dairy farmers through Protrack systems.

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