8 February 2016

Welcome to LIC

As a farmer owned co-operative, it's our vision to improve the prosperity and productivity of our farmers.

Our strategy, Toward 2025 presents our goal to deliver service and solutions to our farmers to enable LIC to be a $1 billion revenue co-operative by 2025. In reaching Toward 2025, LIC will empower farmers with the genetics and information needed to produce superior livestock, information to improve livestock performance, and the hardware and systems that will improve on farm productivity and decision making.  

Internationally, LIC will focus on growth in key markets adding value to our shareholders.

While we present a proud history of world and industry leading innovations in dairy genetics, farm information systems, herd testing, DNA technology and automation, the world does not stand still.

Our challenge is to develop innovative solutions to ensure that our farmers continue to enjoy a competitive edge.

It’s a challenge on which we thrive.

Latest News

  • LIC completes purchase of dairy cow heat detection aid business

    LIC completed its acquisition of the Australian-based Beacon Heat Detectors Pty Ltd this week, effective 1 February 2016.

  • LIC to buy Australian heat detection aid manufacturer

    LIC has agreed to purchase 75 per cent of Australian heat detection aid manufacturer, Beacon Heat Detectors Pty Ltd.

    Beacon is a New South Wales-based company which develops, manufactures and sells products to assist dairy farmers in identifying when cows are in oestrous and ready for artificial insemination

  • Appointment of Chief Information Officer

    Livestock Improvement Corporation Limited (NZX: LIC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Littlefair as Chief Information Officer (CIO).

  • How now, New Zealand cow?

    New Zealand’s five million milking cows are doing a great job of efficiently producing milk, according to the latest 2014-15 dairy statistics released today. New Zealand cows are producing more milk with more milksolids than 10 years ago.

  • Annual Meeting Results

    Attached are the copies of the results presented at our Annual Meeting on 20th October.

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