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Short Gestation

SGL semen has been selectively bred to:

  • shorten gestation length
  • shorten your calving period
  • increase days in milk
  • give your cows longer to recover, improving their chances of getting back in calf

SGL Products 

SGL Dairy
A product that utilises long-last-liquid technology. SGL Dairy comprises of a team of crossbred bulls that average -20 days (-10 days on farm, assuming the bull is mated to a cow with normal gestation length.)

SGL Beef
Short gestation beef sires that help with easy identification of short gestation calves.

Compact Calving + BW
Short gestation benefits that maintain the option of keeping replacement heifer calves. Sires are a mix of Daughter Proven and Genomically selected sires that have proven short gestation lengths, while maintaining high BWs and sound traits other than production (TOP)


Benefits of using SGL semen

Using SGL at the end of mating helps to compact calving and achieve more days in milk next season. Cows that calve earlier have more time to recover and cycle pre mating. This can help reduce intervention, increase AB conception rates and lower empty rates. 

In a $3.85 payout, a herd of 350 cows with average submission and conception rates could stand to generate over $3,000 in extra income through more days in milk with the use of SGL in weeks 7-10.*


SGL Pricing

Our SGL products are also eligible for LIC Payment Support options

All prices exclude GST.

  Gestation Length BV   Price
SGL Dairy - Delivers maximum days on farm
SGL Dairy (fresh) -20 Premier Sires Sliding Scale
Crossbred -20 $15.00
Holstein-Friesian (frozen) -17 $15.00
Jersey (frozen) -16.9 $15.00
SGL Beef - Makes identification of calves easy
Hereford (fresh) -9 $16.50 inc Tech service/$15.50 DIY
Hereford (frozen) -9 $11.30
Angus (frozen) -8 $11.30
Compact Calving - allows calves to be kept as replacements
KiwiCross (BW 197) -8.8         $21.50
Holstein-Friesian (BW 170) -6.1          $21.50





















350 cows with an average submission and conception rate

104 cows submitted weeks 7 – 10

62 SGL conceptions

62 x 10 = 620 days (SGL pregnancies x Average no. of extra days in milk per pregnancy)

620 days x 1.5kgMS = 930 kgMS

930 kgMS x $4.25 = $3,952.50  


For further information, see our SGL FAQs and SGL case study



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