LIC | Reset Synchronise Status for MINDA software

Reset Synchronise Status for MINDA software

Sometimes during the synchronise process, your herd may become stuck. Resetting the synchronise status allows the data to be sent back to your computer.

Note: This will not harm your MINDA software or the computer in any way, so do not be afraid to use it.


Step Action
1 Close out of all MINDA programmes
2 Close the MINDA software manager 
3 Right click on the date and time settings in the right hand corner of your screen 
Click Start Task Manager
Under the Applications tab, select all MINDA programmes and click End task
Task Manager

Under the Processes tab look for mlp_manager.exe. If you see this in the list, select it and click End Process.

Task Manager
Note: If you don’t see this, move on to the next step.

5 Open My Computer. You can do this by:
Holding down the Windows button  Windows Icon on your keyboard and pressing the button
Result: The My Computer window (below) will open. 

Double click Default (C:)
My Computer
6 Double click the folder called Program Files (x86). Note: This may be called Program Files
7 Double click on the folder called MINDAlink

Find and double click on mlp_util  - This folder is alphabetically ordered. 
Note: A box may appear asking if you would like to allow this programme to make changes to your computer. If so, click yes.

Result: A window called MINDApro Administration Utilities will appear. 

9 Click on the Reset Tools tab
10 Click on the first button in the second row called Reset Sync Status.
Reset Sync Status
Result: A window will appear  with the message synchronise status values have been reset
11 Restart your computer.
12 Once your computer has restarted, open the MINDA software through MINDA home


Where to Next

The procedure is complete. If you have any further questions in regards to the reset synchronise process please call 0800 2 MINDA. 

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