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Download Dairy Statistics Publications

Recent publications of the New Zealand Dairy Statistics (published by LIC) are available for download here:

reports 2013/2014 New Zealand Dairy Statistics
reports 2012/2013 New Zealand Dairy Statistics
reports 2011/2012 New Zealand Dairy Statistics
reports 2010/2011 New Zealand Dairy Statistics
reports 2009/2010 New Zealand Dairy Statistics
reports 2008/2009 New Zealand Dairy Statistics
reports 2007/2008 New Zealand Dairy Statistics
reports 2006/2007 New Zealand Dairy Statistics
reports 2005/2006 New Zealand Dairy Statistics
reports 2004/2005 New Zealand Dairy Statistics
reports 2003/2004 New Zealand Dairy Statistics
reports 2002/2003 New Zealand Dairy Statistics
reports 2001/2002 New Zealand Dairy Statistics
reports 2000/2001 New Zealand Dairy Statistics
reports 1999/2000 New Zealand Dairy Statistics
reports 1998/1999 New Zealand Dairy Statistics




LIC’s Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 22 October in Hamilton.

The meeting included an overview of the 2013/2014 year, and updates from Board Chair Murray King, chief executive Wayne McNee and Shareholder Council chair Jenny Morrison.


Gazette supplement (57) - Livestock Improvement - June 2014




Dairy Industry (Herd Testing and NZ core database) Regulations 2001 - Publication

Download Livestock Improvement’s publication published pursuant to Regulation 26 of the Regulations here 


Annual Report Archive

reports 2015 LIC Annual Report

reports 2014 LIC Annual Report

reports 2013 LIC Annual Report

reports 2012 LIC Annual Report 

reports 2011 LIC Annual Report

reports 2011 LIC Interim Report 

reports 2010 LIC Annual Report

reports 2009 LIC Annual Report

reports 2008 LIC Annual Report

reports 2007 LIC Annual Report

reports 2006 LIC Annual Report

reports 2005 LIC Annual Report

reports 2004 LIC Annual Report

reports 2003 LIC Annual Report


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Your Index, Your Animal Evaluation System:

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LIC Direct Debit Accounts Form:

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Bio-Technology Demystified

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The Bulletin - LIC Genetics biannual magazine

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Billion Dollar Scheme (2012)

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100 years of Herd Testing (2009)

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Fast Forwarding New Zealand Genetics

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Once a Day Milking Booklet

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Managing Mastitis - 3rd Edition

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