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Premier Sires is an Artificial Breeding programme developed by LIC as an economic and convenient way for farmers to breed herds of high producing, easily managed, efficient cows which generate more profit per hectare.

Semen is provided from a team of genetically superior Holstein-Friesian and Jersey bulls proven through LIC ’s unique Sire Proving Scheme.

What Makes Premier Sires So Special?

  • You get the best bulls
    Premier Sires has an advantage over other products due in part to the liquid semen technology developed by LIC.Our Long-Last Liquid semen gives us the ability to achieve widespread use of the top bulls. One ejaculate of semen processed into liquid delivers ten times the number of straws compared to freezing the semen.
  • You get the best current genetics
    As the bulls in Premier Sires are being collected during the mating period,it puts us in the unique position of being able to include or exclude bulls from the teams based on all the current information available. The benefit to you is that you will always receive the most up-to-date genetics to enhance the profits of your farming operation.
  • You get access to the best of the new bulls during the season of their first proofs (via the Forward Pack)
  • You are treated fairly
    LIC offers Premier Sires to all farmers in all parts of New Zealand. We do not believe in doing deals, so you can be reassured that you will pay the same price for your Premier Sires as your neighbour.
  • You get the best AB Technician Service
  • You get the best technology (DataMate ™)

All you have to do is draft out your cows!

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