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GeneMark DNA Parentage Verification

GeneMark DNA parentage testing takes the ‘guess-work’ out of matching calves to their dam and sire. Our accredited IANZ laboratories use the latest in scientific technology to confirm the parentage of your animals.

Important Note: In accordance with the NZ Dairy Herd Testing Standard regulation, all dams MUST have a calving date recorded on database before GeneMark receive samples. The system has been updated and will error if this is not entered. This will result in your parent matching not being updated. This requirement is not something new and has always been a rule of the product, However because of the regulation, it has to be enforced. 

Sires are pulled from a Summary of Matings report. The information is derived from all sires that you have recorded in MINDA during the mating period in which the animal was conceived. Diagnostics will not run a sire search against all LIC sires. 

LIC® sires are automatically profiled free of charge, and those included on your mating records will be included in the matching. A DNA sample should be submitted to GeneMark for any non-LIC bulls required for matching that do not have a G3 profile. 


Benefits of GeneMark's DNA parentage solutions

Increased Herd Value
Your herd is an extremely valuable asset. Accurate DNA verified records could increase the value of your stock and help you to gain a premium at sale.

Reduced Stress 
There is no longer a need to match dams to calves in the paddock. No matter who is working on farm, rest-assured your parent matching is taken care of.

Improved Herd Records 
Maximise your herd’s future profitability by being sure of the herd BW and animals’ ancestry. Lincoln University’s Demonstration Farm of 650 cows had 192 of their 2010-born calves parentage tested, and the results showed a 31% mis-recording rate at birth.

Reduced Inbreeding
Reduces the risk of losing production due to stock being inbred.

Know what you’re buying
When you purchase a GeneMark parentage tested animal, you can be confident in the knowledge of correct BW and parentage.

More informed decisions
Know which top BW animals to breed from, and which ones to sell

Peace of Mind
Know that you have identified the best calves to keep no matter what happened that day, or who was working on farm.

Reduced recording
You only need to record cow calving dates and no longer need to record calf birth dates. Calf birth dates are derived from the cow calving date of the dam it is matched with. If any calf birth dates recorded are found to be incorrect, we update them with the correct information in MINDA once parentage testing is complete.


GeneMark Testing Options

Whole Herd Testing

  • A DNA sample is taken from all animals within the herd as well as previous season’s progeny, natural mating bulls and current season’s calves. 
  • All animals receive a unique lifetime DNA profile and the current season’s calves are matched to their correct dam and sire through DNA analysis
  • In subsequent years, only the current season’s calves will require a DNA sample to be sent to the laboratory. 
  • The DNA parent verification results are automatically uploaded to MINDA and a summary of the results is emailed to you.
  • GeneMark Whole Herd clients are able to complete a BVD test on the same tissue sample taken for DNA parentage. This test must be requested on the sample submission form. Please be aware that calves MUST be older than 35 days when taking the tissue sample for BVD and Parentage, in order to obtain an accurate BVD result.

For further information see our Whole Herd page

Individual Animal Testing

  • Confirm if an animal is AB sired.
  • Determine the true Breeding Worth (BW) of the animal.

For further information see our Individual Animal page

Batching Available

The current season’s calves can be sent in multiple lots to be processed. The 1st batch is the standard current season’s price for Profile + Parentage the 2nd and third batches will incur an administration fee + a charge per animals. 

Download the GeneMark G3 DNA Parentage Verification/ Dairy Cattle Brochure for pricing details.


Sampling Animals

We recommend you take 2 samples from animals you intend to cull. In the unlikely event the first sample fails to resolve in the lab, we can process the second sample at no cost. GeneMark will contact you should they require the second sample.. 

All samples should be stored in the freezer until they are ready to be sent to GeneMark.

To order sampling equipment you can:

How long does it take?

Whole Herd clients allow up to 4-5 weeks from the laboratory booking date and Individual animal clients allow 5-6 weeks from receipt of samples.



Results are emailed to you and automatically updated in MINDA.

Free Field Assistance

To help you with the initial setup of Whole Herd parentage testing, a free Field Assist service is available to ensure all records are up to date. This ensures the best possible results.

Finance Options

Get the benefits of Whole Herd Parentage Testing with  flexible payment options available to suit your business needs;*

Standard payment - Full payment due on LIC invoice the month the results are completed. 

  • 12 month interest-free spread payment
  • 24 month interest-free spread payment
  • 36 month spread payments - The 1st 24 months interest-free and a further 12 months on 7% interest. 

This offer is only available in the first year of Whole Herd. It includes the sampling of calves, dams, previous season’s progeny and non-LIC sires.

Please contact your local Farm Solutions Manager (FSM) for further information.

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