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Field Assist Service

Field AssistThe effective management and maintenance of herd records is essential to the day to day running of your farm.

Field Assists can help improve both data recording accuracy and all associated farm practices. 

A Field Assist from LIC can:

  • Organise herd records – Data entry for all events into MINDA, including calvings, deaths, health treatments etc
  • Assist in solving your MINDA queries
  • Provide a herd audit
  • Accurately identify and tag incoming animals
  • Complete EID linking for NAIT requirements (MINDA customers)
  • Carry our animal identification checks and verification
  • Demonstrate & provide practical training for LIC software products (e.g. MINDA)
  • Assist with Genemark DNA and A2 sampling




To book a Field Assist contact your LIC Rep or email

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