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The current low-payout environment means that many dairy farming businesses are under serious financial pressure, and this situation is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.  With the right plan in place, and focus on the right areas at the right time, FarmWise® believe that farmers will get through these times, as they have done in the past.

The FarmWise®team are working closely with their farmer clients around the country to provide support through these difficult times. They are keen to share this knowledge with the wider farming community.

FarmWise® will regularly publish strategies on how to plan ahead and manage dairy businesses through this tough period and provide an outline of the key things to think about. These strategies will be updated and revised as the season unfolds.



Plans for difficult times

Strategies from James Thomas around how to cope with the unusual weather this spring.

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Be prepared for the new spring season

James Thomas talks about preparing for the new spring season

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grazing cows

Robust and agile: Optimising energy, water and nutrient use on farm

Brent Boyce on Optimising energy, water and nutrient use on farm

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grazing cows

How to have a successful grazing dairy farm

Ken Bartlett discusses the four pillars of a successful grazing dairy farm 

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Darren Sutton

Reduce soil & pasture damage through winter

Darren Sutton outlines a series of key fundamental points of how to manage your farm and animals to reduce soil and pasture damage through winter.

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Darren Sutton

Set yourself up well for the season ahead

It is important for farms and stock to be set up for the new season especially for those of you moving properties.

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Darren Sutton

Maximise pasture yield and feed the cow

Given the tough financial situation, it is time for dairy farmers to rely more on pasture production and to plan how to get more milk from fewer cows.

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Darren Sutton

Review of your farm system and business

Article by Darren Sutton around reviewing your farm system, budgets and farming fundamentals

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Craig Purcell

A big picture view of your herd's health

Article by Craig Purcell outlines some of the procedures that will help you apply a big picture to your herd's health.


The importance of planning for winter

Plan, act and monitor this winter, and set yourself up for success. 

Employment & Training

Article by Mike Bailey with some strategies for employing and training new staff.

Neil Smith

Cow condition a concern in Northland

Article by Neil Smith regarding cow condition in Northland with some strategies on how to get cows back on track.

Dry SummerThe Importance of BCS

An article by Darren Sutton on cow condition through autumn

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Dry SummerFarm Management in Summer: A Dry Micro-Climate

An article by Dean Edwards on dry summer management

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grazing cowsPoints to consider when leasing dairy support land

Leasing support land can work very well, however commonly involves a considerable investment of time and money. 

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farmHigh quality feed all year

Maximising pasture to maximise profitability

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farmEnvironmental update for Canterbury Dairy Farmers

Farm Environment plans, Land & Soil Management

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Brent BoyceResilience in farming: a financial perspective

Eric Jacomb's definition of a resilient farming business is one that has the strength to withstand financial, environmental and climatic stressors, and come out in a productive position with a balance sheet in good shape.

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Brent BoyceSummer Sizzle

 Darren Sutton discusses tools that can be used over the next 1-3 months to help protect pasture cover, reduce animal demand and lift pasture production

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Brent BoyceThump the clumps: tips for top pasture quality

This articles covers some tips on how to manage pasture quality. 

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Cows in paddockWise Farming Strategies from FarmWise - Part 4

Milking frequency, production, culling decisions, advisers and farm insurance are the topics covered in this article.

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Preparing for El Niño

Weather forecasters are predicting an El Nino weather pattern this season which could be the strongest yet, resulting in a drought similar to the 1972/73, 1982/83 and 1997/98 events. This article covers some strategies to help farmers get started - to prepare now, and as the season progresses.

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Get Fired Up for Heat Detection

What mating targets you should be aiming for, using the MINDA calving spread graph, using a written plan and tips on heat detection are some of the topics included in this article.


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Farm BikeWise Farming Strategies from FarmWise - Part 2


Staff redundancies, fertiliser spend, milking frequency, creditors and sustainability topics are all covered in this article.

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Cows Grazing

Wise Farming Strategies from FarmWise - Part 1

Topics include people, grazing management, finances, feed and supplements, heifer replacements & calf rearing cost savings.

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