About LIC


LIC is one of the oldest farming co-operatives in New Zealand. It’s our vision to improve the prosperity and productivity of our farmers.

We are proud of our history, dating back to 1909, having pioneered some of the biggest innovations that provide today’s farmers with their competitive edge on the world stage, including the systematic testing of milk quality, Long Last Liquid (fresh) semen, DNA technology to genomically identify and select elite sires, and more recently, a short gestation bull team bred to deliver offspring an average 10 days early.

Our commitment to farmer prosperity and productivity continues today, with genetics and information to create superior livestock; information to improve decision making to enable superior livestock; hardware and systems to improve productivity and decision making; and LIC International - adding value for shareholders, focussing on key markets.

Strong investment into research and development also continues, to deliver on future farmer needs.

We supply three-quarters of the country’s bull semen, as well as information and automation systems, herd testing and diagnostics to drive efficiency and productivity gains on-farm.

Our subsidiary business, Dairy Automation Limited (DAL), also provide milk testing sensors that measure fat, protein, somatic cell counts and volume, and present real-time data while a cow is being milked.

With offices locally and internationally, we have a large team of staff with a wide range of knowledge and expertise.

More than 800 employees are based in offices around New Zealand, increasing to around 2000 for the peak dairy mating season. 

LIC’s head office is in Newstead, Hamilton, with offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Brasil, plus distributors in China, Japan, South Africa and South America.


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