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AB Technician Service

LIC’s AB Technician team has been in existence for over 50 years and has earned the reputation of being the most highly skilled and respected AB technician team in the world.

We have around 900 AB Technicians who perform more than 4 million inseminations each year on New Zealand dairy herds during the winter and spring mating seasons.

Our AB techs inseminate cows for farmers who use:

We are the only team in New Zealand who use DataMATE -  a handheld computer which enables farmers to manage their herd matings to avoid inbreeding and limit the transfer of detrimental genes. 

All LIC AB Technicians complete a highly acclaimed training and supervision regime. They arrive on farm with the semen you have ordered and carry out artificial inseminations to consistently deliver high conception rates.

The LIC AB Technician service package includes equipment, consumables, mating recording and DIY (do it yourself) delivery.

To find out how to become an AB Tech, visit our LIC Careers Site.


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